Telling Your Story

“Telling Our Stories” is an on-going website feature for conference members to tell their stories about how they are becoming disciples of Jesus Christ.

We want stories about who we are and what God is doing in our lives. About how we are ordinary people trying our best, with God’s help, to point our feet toward being Jesus’ disciples every day. And, how we don’t get it right every time, we aren’t perfect, and we also have mountaintop experiences. Those are the details that provide inspiring, rich and diverse stories about our lives and our faith.

We ask local church pastors, staff, and district staff to help find participants for “Telling Our Stories” by encouraging persons they know, who are willing, to be our storytellers.
Click here to nominate a storyteller.

If you have any questions, please email and use the subject line Storytelling.

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NOTE: Please limit your story to 400 to 700 words. Longer submissions may be rejected.

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