*CONFIDENTIAL* Preachers' Relief Board Clergy Care Financial Assistance Application

Everyday life can be quite difficult as you juggle work and personal responsibilities, not to mention the unexpected problems that occasionally arise. To help you manage the competing time demands and the stress and anxiety of today’s 24/7 world, the Preacher’s Relief Board is offering financial assistance to clergy members of the Florida Conference who seek professional care for their personal well-being. This financial assistance is also available to the clergy’s spouse.

Statement of Principle:   The funds administered by the Preachers' Relief Board are gifts from donors who love their church and their pastors. The Preachers' Relief Board is committed to The Florida Conference clergy and their families and wants to offer support to their work/life balance. This confidential assistance is available to full and part-time active clergy members of The Florida Conference serving in and beyond our local churches.

This reimbursement program is designed to support clergy and their families with financial assistance for their out-of-pocket expenses to gain better physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual health. This grant will offer reimbursements up to $1,000 per clergy household, per year and will be reevaluated annually by the Preachers' Relief Board to determine if it continues. Please commit to your own plan for improved health by submitting this confidential appliction.

*First Name
*Last Name
*Preferred Name
*Address 1
*Number of years serving in ministry in The Florida Conference
*Conference Relationship Status
What is the amount of out-of-pocket expenses you are submitting for reimbursement?

Please provide invoice, receipts or proof of payment when submitting this application. Maximum limit is $1,000 per clergy person or per household per year.

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If funds are needed prior to treatment, what is the estimated cost needed for your provider?

Please provide an estimated cost for treatment from your provider.

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My Plan for Better Health

Congratulations on having decided to improve your health and well-being!

Writing down your plan as your commitment to follow-through with this healthy initiative will dramatically affect the positive outcome for your health. Check out the science behind the value of written commitment to change behavior: https://woopmylife.org/en/home .

It is your plan, so keep a copy where you will be reminded of your objective regularly.

*1. What do you think will improve your (mental, physical, emotional and/or spiritual) health?
*2. How will you pursue that objective, and what obstacles will you need to overcome?
*3. What do you need to pursue that objective?
*4. Who will you ask to hold you accountable for following through with this plan?

Note: This application is confidential and will not become a part of your employment record with The Florida Conference of The United Methodist Church.  It will be reviewed only by the staff facilitator, Lois Durham.

*I hereby pledge that the information submitted is true and correct.

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May God bless you as you move towards being a better steward of your body, mind and spirit!

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