Our Kids Training Plus - St. Luke's UMC - Saturday, September 29, 2018

Our Kids Training Plus
Putting the Florida Conference School and Church Partnership to Work

Thank you for your interest in receiving information and training in healthy and effective school-church partnerships!

Why is it training plus?

The Conference Task Force for this event recommends each participating church create a team PRIOR to the training event and bring the team to the event. When building your team, identify people who are willing to commit 4-6 hours of preparation time BEFORE attending the event. This preparation time will include:

  • Reading and/or watching the recommended material (You will be emailed this information after you register.)
  • Praying and setting initial goals for what you hope to get out of the training

At the event your team will

  • Worship and hear from Bishop Carter who will kick off our training day
  • Hear testimonies from small, medium, and large churches who have pioneered school-church relationships
  • Attend workshops on simple, practical and effective ideas to implement. Workshops will be offered in the areas of Relief (e.g. nutrition, books, supplies, supporting teachers); Betterment (e.g. mentoring, volunteers, reading programs); and Development (e.g. education policy, collaborating with community partners)

After the event your team will

  • Participate in post training follow up peer support calls
  • Work your action plan, making adjustments as needed

St. Luke's - Orlando, FL
4851 S. Apopka-Vineland Rd.
Orlando, FL 32819

10AM - 3PM

$25 per person
$75 maximum per church*
$10 per participant for childcare

$25 per Equitable Compensation church no matter how many people

*We strongly recommend that you create a team of at least 3 people to attend this event together. 

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**Churches receiving Equitable Compensation funding from the Conference can register all attendees for $25**


Childcare will be provided for $10 per participant. If you or your team will require childcare, please enter that amount here.

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