2018 5K Sponsorship - Florida Annual Conference

The Florida Conference of The United Methodist Church, in order to assist and encourage health and fitness of our clergy and laity, has been holding a 5K race every year since 2014. We hope to repeat the great success of that first race by returning to Lakeland for the Annual Conference. The race will be around beautiful Lake Hollingsworth by the campus of Florida Southern College. This year’s race proceeds will go to support Hurricane Irma recovery efforts. The planning team’s goal for 2018 is 250 participants.

This is your opportunity to be a part of the excitement and to care for the health of our conference by becoming a participating sponsor. Below are the price points for the logos on the t-shirt. (Note: We have a limit of two large logos at the top. It will be first come first serve for the top logos. The medium logos will be side by side and the smallest logos will be three across.) We will need a .jpeg copy of your organization’s logo emailed to Rev. Emily Denmark (emilydenmarkmcgee@me.comby April 20, 2018. Please contact Rev. Denmark and the AC 5K planning team for more sponsorship opportunities. Thank you for your consideration, and keep running the race that is before you.

Peace be with you,

Rev. Emily Denmark McGee, FLAC5K2018 Planning Team

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Large Logo - Top ($2,000)
Large Logo - Top ($1,900)
Large Logo - Top ($1,800)
Large Logo - Top ($1,700)
Large Logo - Top ($1,600)
Large Logo - Top ($1,500)
Medium Logo - Under Top ($500)
Small Logo - Bottom ($200)
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